Saturday, August 27, 2011

Humor Campaign Slogans 2011

Humor Campaign Slogans 2011 

  • Vote for "Name". Because You're Worth It.
  • He's Not Popular and He's Not Handsome. So He Has Time for Student Government. "Name".
  • "Name" Does a Student Body Good.
  • Just Do It. Vote for "Name".
  • Make Someone Happy. Vote for "Name".
  • Pardon Me. Can You Spare a Vote? "Name".
  • "Name" - The Coolest Action.
  • Thank "Name" It's Friday.
  • Everyone Says, "Name" for President.
  • Making the World Better Since "Birth Year". "Name".
  • Victoria's Real Secret. She Votes for "Name".
  • Vote for "Name". We've All Done Something Stupid.
  • "Name". Like Darth Vader, Only Prettier.

College humour pictures 2011

College humour pictures 2011 More funny College humour pictures watch in this post as will as popular 2011 collection .

College humour pictures 2011
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